Project 3

Nabatat Contracting company offices
24,000 FT, 2 floor, 423 employee fit, designed by QDesign, Entrance to the reception is wonderful with a table of the 3D and a counter full of warmth through hidden lighting, open work rooms and partitions that reflect the color of nature and floors of concepts from desso, wood slip is the wall cladding and ceiling decor from Germany used specifically or the project

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Project 2

Sewing and embroidery factory to manufacture and supply he specials clothes Aramco needs 30,000 FT, turn key project, We used concrete post tension system of concrete and reinforcement and barriers for wind and torrents. steel was supplied from SABIC and concrete from the Saudi Ready Mix Factory. After the completion of the concrete works, We start MEP. the air conditioning system was chiller system, here are 48 closed office, 2 meeting room, industrial kitchen, work halls open, auditorium hall area of 190 people, the project was delivered and certificate of achievement was obtained from Aramco.

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Project 1

AL Yamam Group co,. Tower 5 Floor , 59,000 FT , The building is characterized by a touch of wonderful decor. At the entrance there is a large lobby and reception table in Turkish white marble. The floors in the lobby were made of natural white marble of Bianca Pisa type. The panels were made of natural marble and covered on the walls. A hidden LED strip lighting was made inside the marble . And the work was done in the first to the third offices tepicals meeting rooms, managers rooms, open work stations , bathrooms, and a mosque. except The last floor it was done for the offices of the members of the board of directors and VIP

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