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Building Infrastructure Services

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The services we provide in order to gain the confidence and satisfaction of our customers by working hard as we provide design services, supply, installation and testing according to the controls in force

Mechanical works :

⚀ Chiller water cooling system (cooling stations)
⚀ Air handling equipment Air valves and steam coolers "Humidity"
⚀ Indoor air quality
⚀ General ventilation systems
⚀ Refrigeration (computer rooms / control units enclosed by a cooling system in Freon or water Fire Fighting and Fire Extinguishing Systems
⚀ Plumbing of local water and sewage networks
⚀ Steam boilers medium pressure and clean current networks
⚀ Water sterilization plants
⚀ Reverse Osmosis Plants
⚀ Building Management Systemst.


Based on our design and implementation of electrical works, we offer a quality team as follows:


* Leading Consulting:

For large projects, our experienced consultants are fully integrated from the planning stage to ensure that the technical and logistical aspects of the projects are handled efficiently and effectively.
* Full operating solutions: Complete operating solutions are provided where all power equipment is delivered, installed and connected to ready-to-use power grids

* Quality Management: Our in-depth experience and know-how combined with our exceptional ability in project management ensures successful results with complete project management power
* Emergency Facilitation: Our emergency energy plans are in the form of temporary power (the energy protection plan ensures your projects are functioning properly and are not prone to interruption)

* Standardisation: Our standardization equipment allows us to speed up mobility, increase communication and further portability

* Environmentally friendly: Our commitment to the environment is reinforced through our functions and processes and form a central aspect of the culture of our company.

We actively seek the smallest footprint for each objective capacity

1. Energy Projects:

We operate temporary main power stations that provide more than 1300 MW of high quality energy throughout Saudi Arabia and are building medium and low voltage mid-voltage power plants to support the Kingdom's growing energy needs as energy solutions UPS - Generators are the world leader in seamless integration into consumer networks. These facilities are maintained by supporting the on-site service provided by our technical teams and project management to ensure safe and reliable performance.
Our service teams can guarantee superior operations backed by large warehouses of equipment and spare parts. Our customers can choose a fixed price or per kilowatt hour (in monthly consumption) the appropriate payment method for their orders
We have a long and deep experience working in difficult environments at every stage of the energy project from initial consultation to project implementation to operational and ongoing technical support and other customer services
We also have the flexibility to deliver services that enable us to execute short-term energy projects that last for a few weeks. Long-term projects that last for many years and our capabilities are scalable for projects smaller than 5 MW to 100 MW

2. Facilities Solutions:

Saudi Arabia is experiencing unprecedented economic and population growth, which has led to an increased need for urbanization and development of new or remote cities. As a result, demand for water, energy and efficient cooling solutions from one service provider is exceptionally high. We offer smart solutions for facilities that meet the needs of large projects, buildings, commercial groups and economic cities from the first development phase to the transport phase

Benefits :

⚀ A safe entity for facilities in the city
⚀ Achieve gradual growth with short and long term solutions
⚀ Integrated smart solutions including customer service
⚀ Rapid deployment, competitive prices and local services

3. Renewable energy:

Solar energy is derived by converting heat and light from the sun into usable heat or electric energy, a cleaner and more sustainable source of renewable energy in the world, a natural resource that Saudi Arabia possesses abundantly. Various techniques are used to harness solar energy for various uses such as electricity generation to provide lighting, heating, cooling and hot water for domestic, commercial or industrial use. Among these techniques, our company adopted the solar PV method, which uses solar panels with photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into electricity. Solar panels have proven to be extremely reliable and can operate without direct sunlight even on a cloudy day. More importantly, solar energy has the potential to make a significant contribution to environmental protection especially in reducing greenhouse gases

Informations Technology

Today, everyone recognizes the paramount importance of managing IT networks in the organization and operation of businesses, industries and governments, so "break time" is costly in terms of financial loss and productivity loss.
The system administrator can seek a wide range of skills or choose specialisation in some, such as design, install / update software, troubleshooting, processing, system configuration, network equipment and technical support for users. Experts in this field will keep pace with the latest research, technology, products and services in this field. A coordinated and systematic approach to their work
The role of an IT system administrator is one of the most important and important roles in any area of ??work because it ensures that business entities stay in a state of "continuous operation" while minimising downtime and contributing to the design and development of new and innovative systems.

We offer an integrated system of services including:

1. Advisory services:

Our extensive knowledge of information technology, including networks, systems, storage media and security, provides us with a location to offer multiple advisory services such as comprehensive assessment, in-depth analysis and business recommendations, as well as detailed plans for the mechanisms to implement these recommendations.
Our highly qualified and trained consultants have acquired a comprehensive understanding of the challenges facing complex IT infrastructure in a variety of industries

Our IT advisory services include:

⚀ VoIP
⚀ Evaluate networks and improve their performance
⚀ Unification of systems
⚀ Security awareness programs
⚀ Structure of security policy development
⚀ Auditing the level of information security
⚀ Business continuity and disaster recovery services

⚀ Supply & install BMS sysatem , IP.TV, IP Telphone, RMS , Law current System , Data System , CCTV , Fire Alarm .

2. Managed Services:

Managed Services offers complete IT solutions that meet customer business requirements. We have extensive experience in creating flexible infrastructure such as networks, systems, storage media, security and project management, enabling us to provide comprehensive outsourcing solutions
In this way, we are responsible for providing full services based on agreed KPIs and SLAs that allow the customer to:

⚀ Focus on core competencies
⚀ Service management is good management
⚀ Reduce costs
⚀ Launching new services faster and more cost-effective
⚀ Predict the performance of the company more accurately


3. Collective Correspondence Services:

Advanced Electronics offers mass group messaging services as an easy-to-set and reliable economic communication tool for a large number of users for customers who have a large volume of SMS traffic and are directly connected to the customer's infrastructure for maximum benefits such as availability and cost reduction due to large quantities

SMS services for groups are spread over a secure private virtual network connected to the respective SMS center of the respective communications company through various protocols, including but not limited to SMPP_HTTP_DIGTRAN In addition to many systems

⚀ fleet management system
⚀ Energy management system
⚀ Monitoring system and remote protection
⚀ Audit Management System
⚀ Advanced measurement structure
⚀ automatic meter reading system
⚀ Home control system.

Civil Projects & Concrete Works

SABQ Has special department to implement the concrete works , We are operating the works in all Round of  Saudi Arabia , construct ability program integrates complete construction competence into each phase of a project, from early project planning, through engineering and procurement, to construction and start-up. When executed at the front end of a project, this expertise enhances performance throughout all project execution phases. Skilled planning and execution supports the efficient use of just-in-time inventory and can hasten the project schedule , specialists bring a wealth of experience to field construction execution, including construct ability, skill certification, industrial relations, modularisation, and welding services. Our construction teams deliver input into the construction range, enhancing construction activities and proposing cost saving ideas during all project phases. We are often called to the field to facilitate problem resolution.

Onsite skill training focuses on two major extents: assisting new workers in developing their skills to progress from entry-level workers to journey-level status; and providing resources for skill and knowledge growth/promotion to journey-level workers.

Architectural Projects & Interior & Exterior Decoration

SABQ is the perfect choice to Deliver your Project across all Sector, offices, commercial building, industrial, Hospital; malls, technology centre, education, villas,

We have our own factors to be different than other, We car about the Quality with fast delivery, study with client Budget, Guarantee the lowest price, We have our won marble Workshop, own Carpenters, own Technicians,

• Projects plan

• Delivery on time with long lead item

• perfect selection of ceiling tiles and panel

• worldwide marble and ceramic supplier with modern items

• wide rang selection of carpet with several option and origin

• Wood Wall Cladding with high-quality finishing

• Fabric wall panel

• Joinery works

• Foldable aluminium partition


We operate a Safety Management System in line with the internationally recognized OHSAS 18001 Safety Standard. We place Safety First in the protection and welfare of all our staff, operatives, and visitors and our commitment to operating safely is absolute.

Our Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2008, our process includes a project-specific Quality Control Plan that is developed to ensure defects free delivery

Supplying Furnitures

WE are Supplying & installing Furniture With more than 100 furniture brands from around the world ID Works can propose both a high quality and an affordable plan with suitable designs ,

selection the office to suit how your organisation works the the choice of what type of furniture to use follows the final layout and functional elements required – not the brand type!