Quality Assurance

Before any construction project kicks off, our Quality Assurance team lays out a plan to make sure everything runs smoothly. We have certain rules and procedures that everyone involved needs to know about.

Let’s take the example of building a foundation. Quality assurance means someone double-checks things like the steel bars and molds to make sure they’re in good shape. If there are any problems, they’re reported on a special website, and we make sure they’re fixed before pouring any concrete.

But even with a great plan in place, we know we still need to keep an eye on things as the work progresses. That’s where Quality Control comes in. It’s like having someone inspect the workmanship as it happens.

So, going back to the foundation example, a Quality Control inspector would visit the site to make sure the steel bars are in the right place and properly secured. They’d also check that the molds are clean and ready for pouring. It’s all about making sure everything is up to standard before we move forward with the next steps.